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New track on soundcloud: sushi - cmp-mstr pt.1

Close your eyes, meditate on it and drift away in space...
Part 1 of spontaneous improvisational studio recording.

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Redesigned xz-one's website xz-one.me
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Check out xz-one's account on instagram for some photo art & sticker action.

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Get visually entertained by some photos on xz's account on 500px.com.
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Pimp my xz logo in the new demo: pimp-my-logo!

Change fore- and background images, colors and stuff on a SVG showing the kick-ass xz logo.
On platforms that support drag'n'drop, drop image files on the fore- or background of the logo.
Save the image as .jpg or .png by rendering on client side with canvg.js,
creating a "Blob URL" and provide it as "download" via the download attribute on anchor elements.
Or even save as SVG.

Had some problems with iOS - after splitting the download functionality in two parts for iOS, it now sometimes ;) works, but there is no support for input[type=color] - Safari sucks almost as much as IE ;)
Android seems to work quite good in Chrome and FireFox if device is not too old.
Struggled with IE, so dropped support.

Pick one of the examples and change it the way you want.
Check out one of my favourites: pimp-my-logo#example-17
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Refurbished demo of psychedelic SVG clock on codepen.
code view
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Hamburg's waterside by night in an SVG cross fading logo mask experiment
using SVG's native animation with SMIL:
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... and Arp 148 did it again! Saturn Fx2
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mind relaxing stuff from rzb on soundcloud coming up a bit philosophical:
the end of every vinyl's groove is a manifestation of sheer endlessness
rzb - eo~
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check out the new experimental mix by Arp 148 - Saturn Fx
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wanna enjoy a little summer feeling playing with the xz logo in the sun over the ocean waves?
xz logo 3d ocean demo
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some older demos 2010-2015